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I'm sorry


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It seems once you hit 50 in this game you are forced to do things that a normal mmo would not require.

The need for Soulstones in every upgrade makes pvp a necessity even if you are a pve player.

This coupled with the fact all the upgrades require 20+ gold for Siren on make this game highly unattractive.

I beat the main story, I got my hongmoon level up, I did the dungeons, but no.

This game's endgame has ruined it for me.

Goodbye B&S, you should remove the "&" because in the end its only BS

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You don't need to pvp once to get soulstones, they're also selling for an all time low right now, so buy up. The daily challenge and whirlwind event also are making soulstones drop insanely. Faction dailies have only one small part each that are pvp related, of which you don't have to do. 20+ gold is nothing, the materials are the difficult thing to get and even that's been reduced and on the 5th of October that'll be further reduced. What did you expect when you hit level 50? To automatically gain all the best gear and have everything unlocked already? Doesn't work like that in any game I've ever played.

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13 minutes ago, Quantum said:

Soulstones are so cheap I don't see how someone can complain about the need of soulstones.....



Plus, I haven't found it to hard to supplement buying them, with Misty Woods :p  Not sure on SSP, but MW.


I wouldn't worry to much either.  People make a big deal of it, but personally, once I hit level HM 10 and saw I needed 32million more XP to advance a HM level, I was like "Well, I got plenty of time to work on upgrades" :p

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1 hour ago, ComplaintsJudge said:

Nobody forced you to play the game.

Stop... Just stop. How is he able to know if the game is good without playing?

If I prove a new food and don't enjoy it you gonna say "no one forced you to eat"?


@OP you don't wanna play the game? MMO's are not for you then.

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OP forgot that this is mmorpg. Gear-check and Gear-gradient are always there.

If you're lowbie you should run lowbie zone until you break out from it.

Or you can ask other ppl to carry you in highbie zone.

What's the surprise??


Also you feel that you're supposed to be mighty once you reach lvl50? No, you misunderstood you're still in a scrub zone if you're fresh 50. Endgame starts at 600AP and it will rise even higher after each patches.


The real problem is that if lowbie zones don't have enough ppl to run it you stuck. That's the real problem. NCWest should have a plan to revitalize lowbie and 24man zones by now. It's quite ridiculous that they think a care package is enough. Or they don't want new players.... 

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