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B&S - jumping puzzle shi*. Not FUN at all.

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On 9/24/2016 at 4:46 AM, ander01se said:

Not much resembling jumping 'puzzles' in BnS... now imagine if they made a dungeon like Mad King's Clocktower in BnS... then I guess you could have a valid complaint... just thinking of all the people crying about it makes me giggle a bit. :P




Aww the good ol' Mad King. This was probably the hardest one I've done in GW2. Any other puzzle after this is cake. The rewards were best the 1st year, nothing good except the satisfactions of repeat success 2nd year onward.

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Jumping puzzle? o.o Where?

If you are talking about some certain room in Naryu Lab, then you can always wait for your team mates to make it to the other side to pull the lever, and just simply jump down and use the dragon pulse to get up to the platform...

If you are talking about BHS...I don't think that's a puzzle... If you don't wanna wall dash on the box to do shortcut then you can always fight your way through. Wall Dash is required for BSH is because the bosses are in the pit. However, you can do BSH without wall dash IF there is an assassin in the party that would be nice enough to carry you out of the pit using Escape Lotus (tested and did that with my clan mates -- it works)

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