BM best dps build

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Lee Ryu   

Step 1 : Spec Dragontongue and Fire Flicker

Step 2 : Spec your V skill to the last branch of flock of blades/blade call

Step 3 : Spec your Tab to have the conflagration effect

Step 4 : Spec your Flock of blade/Blade call  "X"skill to get the Conflagration effec too

"Conflagration will allow you to spam Dragontongue with no CD"


There you go Fire build. 

Combo you can pull as an opener against Boss:


2 > V > TAB > Dragontongue Spam > 1 > Hm Block (to have 5sec of immunity and spam more > 4 > X > spam dragontongue > TAB > spam it again > spam flicker/dragontongue > TAB. Repeat the spam till V is up.


There you go. I can do Ssp with that as a 520ap BM.  

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