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Warlock HM Skills

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Hello, I'd like to ask Warlock players. I finally done my 100 Wins on Whirlwind BattleGround, and I have enough to either buy a Chilling Flame Elexir

or Offals, Which one should I go first? which one is most important, that would benefit both PvE and PvP?
I guess for Dimensional Volley, Flame Elexir would be better, for Helix build, but I use DC build most of the times. anyway What would you guys go with? and please explain why, Thanks a lot!

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HM RMB is the most important WL skill beside DC, definitely go with that first, Im a full dark build user and hm volley allows me to fire so much helix, love it in pve 

As in pvp, bombard left tree is really good, lots of dmg in arena, I feel squishy using bombard for pve though

Sanctum is only good for pvp in my opinion, resist cc or auto targeting for 10 sec is nice, the left tree is meh since there's other classes can do better group healing than us, maybe a bit helpful in masts and sogun or saving some peeps in yeti but then who die in yeti anymore

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HM Sanctum is nothing but a vanity skill if you ask me, yeah 4 more seconds are nice.. but no that good.... in Pve is more like useless (i mean, im sure you could find some scenarios where you can use it... but is more like a vanity stuff than a need) in the other hand, elixir is core skill for fark build after DC, and on pvp is a really important skill (let you cast with no focus on CCed enemy) you need that to air combo properly.

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