Your overall opinions on BM and KFM ???

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On 9/22/2016 at 7:46 AM, triplethreat said:

I want to know how KFM's can counter everything you throw at them. I swear, trying to kill a KFM in 6v6 is so annoying. Counter, block, evade rinse and repeat 10 times.  Hell they even counter when I'm attacking them from behind.

Hongmoon Counter gives them 1 sec iframe on successful block. Both their Qs and Es last 1 sec long iframes and hitting into them gives Agility stacks; 3 stacks gives Max Agility for 100% evasion. They also have a self Frost Sheath, although they rarely take it because its on the same tree as Fighting Spirit.


The only reason they succeed in 6v6 is because everyone mindlessly hits into their iframes/counter. Same goes for Assassin, and anyone with a brain can very easily stop a stealth capture by just hitting the Sin. They're actually extremely susceptible to Defense Penetration skills as they ignore evasion stat procs, as well as block disables as they need them to get iframes. Once you get past their iframes/counter and escapes, KFM and Sin fall pretty fast.

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2 hours ago, Shuchin said:

Although I would have thought the same from what I know about the classes, the statistics currently place BMs much better than the KFMs in 6v6 rankings. My current theory is that KFMs have not adjusted their skill kits from arena to 6v6 enough to succeed as they should.

That's because 15-20 of the top BMs exploited the DC bug before the fix was made. If you notice the date of their last played game, it would be around the time of the fix (14th September). Some players queued up a few games after the fix, but then stopped after they dropped rating (as they rightfully should.). It's disgusting, and it's sad that these players are going to get away with it this season.

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6v6 wise what  a class do?


KFM: iframe all day long. impressive skill u give an edge to your party.


BM: seek, destroy, cap. tired? destroy just for dps meter

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