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Clan uniform designs

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There are some designs that for the time being can be bought only by NCoins. In my opinion this is not fair to F2P users who would wish to make clan uniform using those good looking designs as they cannot be bought with HMCoins. It is partially risky to buy from other players as either side can try to scam either by not delivering that design or not paying with gold. We have already currency exchange system which does basically the same thing but it would also take a tax so players need to sell more gold to buy those designs. Having the designs also in Hongmoon Coin store would be safer for many players who wish to get them and either way someone will have to spend NCoins in order to F2P players to get them. Could these designs be placed also in Hongmoon Coin store such as Black Red Official Uniform Design?

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To buy something with HMcoins you either get lucky from quest or buy HMcoins. Dunno about % of the first (seems low, I never got token from anything other than daily roullete, so should't be problematic), but in second case: if you want to buy HMcoins someone must to sell it. And to sell it they need to buy NCcoin for $$$, which means they don't loose anything. So it doesn't look like much loss for them in terms of moneys (apart from players that got lucky and got lot's on HMcoins by luck).

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