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Assassin vs Naksun Guide/Walkthrough


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I've taken lots of time to perfect the secret art of assassinating the drunken fist. This is only going to be a text guide as I don't have the means to supply videos or pictures for it, so get your reading glasses on.




First, you want 120% accuracy to ensure you don't miss your attacks. You especially do not want to miss your CCs or you will get wrecked by the drunken fist. Now, lets go over Nakun's attacks:


Throughout the entire battle, Naksun will periodically gain True Sight every 10-20 or so seconds.


100% - 91%:

  1. Single targeted punch.
  2. Shadow Dance behind you.
  3. Leg sweep with knockdown. If you don't escape, he'll grapple you and snap your neck.
  4. Counter. If you hit into it, you will get stunned, and if you don't escape he'll air combo you for about 60k~ worth of health.
  5. Linear aoe punch with knockback and knockdown. Can't be blocked or CC'd.
  6. Backstep with freeze root, and if you don't escape the root you will get exploded. Can't be blocked, but you can Shunpo/Backstep out of the root.
  7. Linear aoe punch with knockback and knockdown. Can't be blocked or CC'd.
  8. Repeat.


90% - 46%:

First he will drink "rice wine" (why is not called Sake?). This is a field wide aoe that can't be CC'd; iframe it. He loses his ability to cause chill stacks.

  1. Two targeted punches.
  2. One targeted punch.
  3. Lies down and drinks. This is actually just a Counter.
  4. Linear aoe fire breath with knockback and knockdown. Again, can't be blocked or CC'd.
  5. Repeat.


Any time you are too far he will throw four cups. All hits are blockable.


Periodically a message warning you that he is trying to take a drink will appear. CC him immediately. He then does a combo below, regardless of whether you CC'd him or not.

  • If you don't CC him, he does a field wide aoe and then gains two buffs: a large increase in attack and a large increase in evasion. He also gains immunity during his following combo.
  • If he drinks Kaoliang Ju, he does a four hit martial dance combo. The last hit is a knockup. All hits are blockable.
  • If he drinks Soju, he will throw four cups at you. All hits are blockable.


45% - 0%:


He casts a blue fire aoe that causes stun. Any of his drink buffs from the previous phase are removed.

  1. Linear aoe energy wave with knockback and daze. Can't be blocked or CC'd.
  2. Dash through punch with daze. Blockable but can't be CC'd.
  3. Linear aoe punch with knockback and knockdown. Can't be blocked or CC'd.
  4. Counter.
  5. Single targeted punch.
  6. Shadow Dance behind you.
  7. Leg sweep with knockdown.
  8. Backstep with freeze root explosion.
  9. Repeat.

Again if you're too far he'll perform a four hit martial dance combo with a knockup.


Periodically he will enter a mechanic.

  1. He jumps to the middle and casts a field-wide two hit aoe. The first hit is a phantom grip and the second is a knockback.
  2. He performs a four hit martial dance combo with knockup on the last hit. While he is doing this, icicles fall in random spots, and the only indicator (albeit very very subtle) you get is heavy ice falling over a single spot.



HM 11 Lightning Build


  • Hongmoon Decoy is a must to ensure maximum survival.
  • As you should know, Lightning Build focuses on Lightning Pierce and Rod, and stays in stealth for the most part.
  • Even though he gets True Sight, it is very possible to manipulate it so that it times out: strafe his punches, stun/daze him, then knock him down; this will force him to use his get-up attack, which gives a free proc on Sidestep Left or Decoy to get back in stealth, and after that he won't have True Sight anymore.
  • Imagine Tier 1 Stage 1 Spinal Tap as the single stun with poison on hit on 9 second cooldown. Taking Tier 2 Stage 2 removes the poison for ignoring his counter, which you have Guard Break for.
  • Imagine Tier 2 Stage 1 Flash Kick as Stomp. Well, you can actually take whatever in this fight since you aren't really going to use Tab on Knockdown for the most part, though I hear Webbing helps.
  • Imagine Tier 3 Stage 2 Sidewinder as poison on hit with 12 second cooldown.


How I handle the fight:

  1. I start off with Poison Breath for 5x poison stacks, Decoy his punch, and tack Time Bomb before he Shadow Dances. I use Sidestep Left on his leg sweep, and then Guard Break on his Counter. After that his True Sight runs out so I use Fighting Spirit to refresh my stealth duration and use the Lightning rotation. If I get knocked down, or accidentally hit into his counter, I immediately tab escape so he doesn't throw a 100-0 death air combo.
  2. At 90% once he drinks, I Sidestep Left the area of effect, then strafe his punches and Guard Break his counter. Both my stealth and poison stacks should run out, so I hit him a few times with the Dark Strike-less rotation (Mist Slash + Heart Stab) while he's stunned. Once he spits flame breath, I strafe, spit poison, and then Hook Kick or Sidewinder his back to get into stealth.
  3. When he tries to take another swig and tries to get True Sight, I tack him with Spinal Tap/Sneak Attack, and then knock him down with Shadow Slash/Landmine/Swiftstep to force his get-up attack, which I Sidestep Left/Decoy. After that he doesn't follow up because his True Sight has expired.
  4. Should he follow up with cup toss, I simply stay in stealth. Should he follow up with martial dance, I facetank two hits and Decoy the third which gives me a resist on the fourth hit, or I can facetank three hits and Sidestep Left his fourth hit.
  5. Following 45%, after he finishes his cup toss/martial dance, or isn't about to attempt that but has reached that HP threshold, I get away to avoid his blue fire. I strafe his energy wave punch, spit poison if it's off cooldown, Decoy his dash through, and then strafe his linear punch. And then I pop Fighting Spirit if off cooldown and I am safe from his remaining attacks until he goes into the middle of the room.
  6. When he does his freezing mist area of effect, the grunt he makes is the que to Sidestep Left the grab, then Backstep the push. After that I wait a bit for Naksun's hand gesture before his martial dance, then I Lotus Fury his martial dance, and  Decoy the third or final hit. I have to be careful after because he gains True Sight and then tries to Counter, which I Guard Break and then Knockdown to force expire his True Sight.
  7. Should he try to freezing mist again instead of counter, I Sidestep Left/Backstep once more, Decoy the second martial dance hit, and then Shunpo the final hit.
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