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LFG | Warlock, 40, Returning Player. PvX preferred. Hoping to find active group, chill/friendlies.

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Don't really care if you're Crimson or Cerulean!  I am Cerulean at the moment but can switch.


I've been gone from the game since about March, I think. I made a Warlock when it was released, got to 36. Then life, etc etc. I've only just come back in the last few days and am trying to re-learn my rotations, skills, and everything else that's been changed.


I'm down for both PvE and PvP, though I have not participated much in PvP before, it seems very fun. That's mainly all I'm looking for-  an active guild who is pretty easy going and just likes to have fun.


My character name is Hiimemiiya, overall account name is Niyau.

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