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Pot in WWV projectiles vs spinning

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anyone else filled with massive rage when spinning classes just spin nonstop around the pot, while range classes get an error message from projectiles getting blocked by the pot as the spinning classes get just barely behind the pot?


that and thrall and cats can't be recalled if they are on the opposite side of the pot? 

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Spinning classes in general *cricket* me off, especially destroyers. They do nothing but spam 1 single button and I can't do anything because I'm locked in their attack. Stupid 1button smashing class, doesn't need any knowledge for playing it because all they do is just tabtabtabtabtab, gg

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31 minutes ago, OniOfTheSword said:

If it's a red spin from Destro, put some distance between the two of you. If it's a normal spin or a BD spinning, all you have to do is knock them down after the first 0.5s.

they hug the pot as they spin around it tho, so by time i press a skill the pot prevents my skill from activating with one of those 'you cannot do this right now' type of messages


if the pot had a smaller diameter, maybe this wouldn't be as much of an issue

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