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Archievements Merchant

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I guess this is th correct place for suggestion :D can GM pls update the achievement merchant or do a rotation on it every 3 or 6 months maybe? Would love to get something different from it maybe blindfold and mask of the Widows and different outfit and other rewards or higher tier reward for higher points otherwise it would be so plain :/

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9 minutes ago, Teijin said:

i agree i have been after the blindfold for months almost a year stil cant have it  its drop rate is sad and it never showered it self for me when the merchant of wonders was around either.

Well since there r the wig and 1 outfit from outfit pouch it only make sense they should rotate it to different thing in the same area :3 (cough..cough blindfold cough........Highborn cough.....)

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1 hour ago, Deathchill said:

By the way, is there a need for me to pursue more achievement points beyond 1250? I've got the skill and I'm sitting at 1670 currently, anything I can get out of that?

The 2nd skill costs 1400 achievement points and 300 pages.

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