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guild crafted outfit pieces account bound please


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i was really excited about crafting outfit pieces from guilds, until I discovered they are bound to the character they are crafted for. Then that disappointment accentuated all the other times I  had sort of "assumed" there would be routes in which leveling one character could encourage my developement on other characters, rather that succumbing to the steep curve of the game by only playing one character/class for my whole gameplay experience. (regardless of all of this: game is still fun. Combat mechanics beat the fashion game part of it even still.)


i was excited because i imagined  crafting an accessory/outfit and then mailing that to a low level character to show off that this character is an alternate compared to other characters I have leveled, so that once i got into more party play teamwork style zones/dungeons, i could potentially make a good impression for my party beyond my "borderline-acceptable" stats, or what ever might happen during party making.


coming to terms with the fact that one cannot play this game as a "gotta' catch-em all" (and perhaps it could still be, but the more I've trod that path the more labyrinthine it turns out to be...) i.e, one cannot accumulate each in-game fashion item on any one character, has been a blunt bummer to the feels from numerous angles quite a few times by now, and this has dampened how much i see myself enjoying the prospective late-game, esspecially when juxtaposed with the differences between Korean and NA server gamestatus, in addition to how far the NA servers still have to go to get caught up to Korean servers in regards to content updates and player service e.g: Wardrobe for all..........



furthermore and more in lines with the topic -- the way the game is for us currently, one character can only accesses one crafting guild's fashion at a time, which also restricts their choices for which two crafting guilds they choose, and without doing their own out-of-game research, wont know which guild provides the other necessary teir 4 crafted item until they pick the right one, rank it to level 4 and aquire the secret technique. this of course is only if one thinks it is inconceivable to abandon a crafting guild that they have ranked to max after having aquired all that they desired from it.. (not to mention the chances for sealed[arcane buttons for example] are pequliarly inconsistently rare..)


anyways, im sure this game system is accomplishing at-least some of its data-mining and fundraising goals for the next big game thing that will be so very suave


Posting on forum is pretty a-typical for me which is why this has been so long-winded but i imagine other players will have sympathy/empathy for this if the get past all the subliminal TLDR trigger warnings riddled througout this post.


thanks for sharing your existence with 'erbody yall ~ !


*written from mobile device*

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