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few questions about ssp


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The following quest names are for Cerulean. I'm not sure if the Crimson quests have the same name.

SSP has 3 Phases: Capture->Mining->Battle

One of the quests "Battle for the Soulstones" you do before Grindtooth during mining phase if your faction wins capture phase. It's killing 6 pigs and 3 terrors that attack the mining towers in waves. That is half of the available mobs for one mining phase and you need to deal enough damage to get a chest (like Grindtooth) so you might need to go for several mining phases if your damage is low.

"Restoring Order to the Quarry" can't be done on most servers as it requires your faction to loose the capture phase and then you go and kill the enemy NPCs.

The third timed quest is killing Grindtooth "In Too Deep".


All other daily quests can be done at any time.

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