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Just over the last few days my latency has increased from 60-100ms to 150-200 followed by random disconnects mid-dungeon. I assumed it was down to people in the household downloading/streaming other things, etc etc - But the issue persists even after they're done, and I'm the only one left using the internet. Makes playing most of my classes near-impossible :(


So I figured I'd ask here first to find out whether it's possibly just a hiccup on the game's end or if anyone has any advice as to how I can figure out what's causing it on my end?


I'm playing on Ebon Hold, if that's any use! I also have no plans to pay for some ping boosting program so that's out of the question too c:

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It certainly feels like that, I've had a stable latency for most of the week after posting this but occasionally it'll shoot up 100-150ms...Not much fun when you're trying to play KFM. :c


Well...At least now I know I won't be hassling my ISP for answers. And it's probably best that I don't get my hopes up for a fix on NCSoft's end, either.


Thanks for the responses though!

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