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I received a message that said that I had some coins to spend before it expires, and that I had to go to soulgm.com, I checked the page and it looked well done so I trusted. After I logged I went to my mail for the verification code, but after some minutes I received a mail from NCSOFT support saying I changed my mail and the old one cannot be used anymore, that means they stole my account, I cant log in anymore. Anyone know a solution to this problem? I sent a mail to support@bladeandsoul.com saying what happened. I just want my account back.

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On 17.8.2016 at 2:58 PM, Holy Sin said:

My account was hacked but NC support solved it for in less than 24hrs. 

We are not stupid to fall for that. Some of us are new to MMO gaming for me bns is my first MMO game. My cousin introduce me to the game and i love it. So far this is the best MMO game ever. Great work NC



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I refuse to call people 'stupid' for falling to these. It's common knowledge that hackers are also human beings who can improve their ways. And it's up to us on the defending side to be more alert to these things, at least until hackers find a way to hack computers without needing a human being to fall for a scam. And believe me, they ARE looking into it and are scarily close to find a way. But for now, all it takes is one misplaced click to get scammed/infected.


So my advice is to always be alert and for now, never click on anything on any email sent to you that you didn't generate. Like for example, if you join a site or a forum for the first time, the system will send a confirmation email. You triggered that so it's a legit click. If you didn't do anything and such an email comes, do not click! Instead, go to the known official page and check if there's any changes there.

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I hope the solution was fixed or you got your account back.


I saw this very same message inside the game and I already knew it was a scam. As a reminder it is always a good idea to read the "FAQ" as provided on the "Official Website" and also tips that popup during the loading screens. Also if you want to buy NCOINS always purchase from "Official Source" or authorized retailer (ex, Amazon, Gamestop). If the website and price looks to good to be true, never, ever trust it.


Just a tip from a fellow gamer. 

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46 minutes ago, Aurinya said:



If your account got hacked, please report this by sending an email from the last-known mails associated with your account to support@bladeandsoul.com. You should further never share your password with anybody else, as sharing your account with another person constitutes a violation of our User Agreement.


well there is nothing about shring your account with people(family) i have check it but i dont gonna let hem play on it anymore on my account anyways


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