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Describe this game in one sentance


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"A confused publisher with a game that catered for hardcore players and no fun... I mean no noob allowed also a toxic community as a byproduct of said hardcore game"


You can replace hardcore players to elitist but elitist tend to have negative connotation while hardcore players is a good ping + good skill + have discord players


Confused publisher here is NCwest that they seems don't know western audiences respond to this kind of game (You can see in Steam that people favor easy & fun game while hard, grindy, time consuming & frustating game, they just leave poop and gone for good)


New and more dungeon that about to come is hard and it has legendary accesories that all people want & need, after grind wall now difficulty wall, not everybody have 100 ping, so NCsoft should see what their player base can afford,


If I were NCsoft I'll put 6 man as training & easy dungeon while 4 man is hard dungeon and that legendary necklace can be obtained through collecting legendary fragments by grinding it for 3-5 months or just upgrading your hongmoon accesories << whats the problem with this? Why suddenly changed your own plan, I smell P2W whale milking scheme...


No incentive for helping / teaming up with newbie nuff said


Hardcore players is asking for challenge but in the end they got bored or frustated by casuals and want easy & no time consuming dungeon. Why NCsoft why you cater this kind of people... Is putting hard & frustating game then ask $$$ Pay to Progress/Win (whatever the definition is f up nowadays) is your business plan?


TL;DR : PvE should be easy & fun while PvP can be challenging

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Featuring beautiful looks and music, a gripping - if sometimes cliché - storyline set in a classic Wuxia setting and action packed fast gameplay, this MMO is built on an amazingly complex, constantly tuned and refined infrastructure that connects and balances PvP and PvE, community and progression, economy and activities, class balance and play styles - a masterwork undreamed of in previous online gaming ages and yet still threatened if at any time a crucial concept fails.

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