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New Hamster needed


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Seriously BnS you need a better hamster to run your servers cause this one is dying. The lag out and DC's are getting to be horrific... 3 WWV battles all ended the same, DC right before the win was announced with me still able to run, talk and target but unable to use a single skill... yet the red on the other side had ZERO issue able to target and kill me. This last match was the worst, a destro standing 15 meters away was using attacks on me like he was 2 meters. I ran around a FM trying to stay alive with 50 points left in the match unable to use a single skill but yet she was target and hit me with no issue.. only to get DC'd 3 points from the end of the match and my 1 win for the boxes.


I don't know how you guys manage to have such horrid servers when the other three NCsoft games run a lot smoother.

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47 minutes ago, Jackiesaysya said:

Dear user,

     After careful review we have found our potato is in perfect working condition.

Please contact your isp or submit a support ticket for further assistance.

We thank you for your donations.


Bu-bu-bu-bullshit! That ram doesn't go in like that. Get some competent workers NAOW!

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