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Returning player; a question on lag.

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When I left the game a few months ago, a large reason was for the combat lag that made the game very unknowable. I was wondering if that was ever dealt with before I get too deep into playing again.


I had found quite a few people had the same problem, but none of the solutions helped me. I can run games like black desert online, guild wars 2, and riders of icarus at a minimum of 60 fps, I just couldn't see what was wrong with this game.


Anyway, I was just wondering if there was ever an update that maybe minimized this problem for people or not.

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Sadly not, I've had the issue since launch as well and the game actually runs more consistently on my PC...That could barely even run WoW, just for comparison.


Doesn't seem like it's been dealt with though. I heard the problem went away when they removed gameguard at some point(?) but I'd given up playing by then...And unfortunately returned shortly after it was reintroduced so I don't know if it made any difference.


Doesn't seem like they plan on fixing it, either. I haven't seen any solution that actually works and it just got worse (in my case) with the most recent patch.

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