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Bee Vs Sunflower Comparison Thread

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On 8/27/2016 at 7:05 PM, tannerru said:

Moha, Yes :)

I was using  T3 in 6v6 and its amazing. All you have to do is move for the lmb/rmb t3 bees to be spammed :) Give it a shot.

(Take in mind, you speed will very one ping)

Thanks for your feedback mate, I will try to stick to close range while moving and see how it goes and i can see it also has alot to do with the skill changes we didn't get yet as @RainbowDashie and @Nattia has mentioned.

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On 8/27/2016 at 9:48 PM, RainbowDashie said:

Rosethorn (LB)
– Tier 4 Stage 1: the effect of “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on crit” is changed to “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on hit”
– Tier 5 Stage 1: the effect of “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on crit” is changed to “Rumblebees can be cast instantly on use”




i realy think that is the reason.

Damn, that's going to be a nice buff!


Once I retried bees (s3) with constant movement in melee, the DPS shot up, it's by far the highest DPS spec for me. I love it. It can be annoying, meleeing without the decent Q E iframes melee have that keep them in melee range, but I'm able to match DPS with an equally geared assassin while still giving out huge party heals. 

I can't wait for the upcoming change though! Even faster bees, woohoo!


Edit to add: Testing s3 bees with both left and right-hand flying nettles path, I found that, although the left-hand nettles was better with sunflower, the right-hand nettles did higher DPS with s3 bees. I think s3 bees suffers from focus starve and consequential DPS loss way more than sunflower.

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