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Tower of Infinity Changes (Praise the Lord) ! YES <3

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Finally a change of something that pissed me of since so long ..finally freaking Timelimits got removed ... praise yourself PPL and go to Floor 100!

And meet and fight the strongest freak bot Boss ever with low Gear lel =D

Now make a mode where u can endless fight in a spar training Match with ppl so u can train them or let them train u for fun with Friends and guildmates !

Make a Mode where u have a Arena where all Ingame Bosses exist that are currently ingame and 1vs1 them without timelimit ... best fight no timelimit and naked with training weapon where real skill matter and not ani cancle button mashing against the time ! i want it i need it ! Adreanline fights we need no button mashing nonsense that force u go full dps build and crit coz u know the time is low =D

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I agree, I just would like Musins Tower to have the same. Especially for WL's that have long casting times, no speed skills and little CC's in the game. Yeah we have somewhat high dps but it is alway interrupted.


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