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Tommorow patch's secret changes?

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19 minutes ago, Kancollewuzhere said:

at 20:00, rukkirri has the reworked Z skill that comes with the next character overhaul.

Are we getting this tommorow as well, or was this just accidental game assets displayed?

if you had watched the video completely, you would've known that the skill changes come tomorrow.
there is nothing "secret changes"! o.o

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1- What used to happen when you get disconected while doing arena (happened to me 5 times since I started playing the game), and the penalty now is for how long? So if the game crashed, you can't do arena till the season ends (is that a month?)? or... ?
2- Where was the info about Tidal Treasure even end? http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/event/ doesn't mention... In future events where should I find more info about them, since the event site often doesn't have?

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