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Concerning the error(1000),(132),(10054)


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Since January,this issue was addressed so many times and contacted support even more times with just automated answers and possible solutions that none of them seems to work ever.

This particular and most annoying error,which can make the game unplayable,happens during loading screens on open-world and Cross-Server dungeons..most of the time these loading screens are a potential disconnect..taking ages to load and then boom!this error and out..I realise that the loading time has to do with my RAM and how fast my hard drive is,but in the past was all okay,now lately more and more often i can't even play when in my 2hours of gameplay,the 1h30mins are disconnect...I would appreciate to know or just gather some new information about a possible solution..Have you guys had/having this error?And if yes,how did you solve it?Share your own experiences:)

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the solution is rather weird on my side.


So instead of directly connecting the cable from my modem to PC... i connected it to my sister's laptop and then leech from it through wireless.


Somehow it greatly reduces the disconnection of that error. Yes i still got the error but it's only once or twice per day instead of 3-5 times per day.


Another possible solution is using program like BNSark to disable loading screen and then to launch BnS from there.

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