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I need the community's voice, 10+k Gold lost/hacked,


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I have quit after silver frost duo to medical treatment , returning to the game my account was compromised , i was able to get get it back thankfully , upon logging in all my gold has been missing and transferred. One thing i noticed is there are still logs in mail of how the person in charge of compromising transferred the gold , he used the auction house , he bought very cheap items for amounts varying from 100 to 2000 gold. 

I have all the logs still in the mailbox , i emailed support about it and they have recovered 50% of the amount.



> GM Lins (Blade and Soul)
> Aug 14, 14:46 PDT

> Hello,

> Thanks for the update.

> Regarding your gold, we traced your account logs regarding any compromised transactions and determined that your account lost currency. Due to this, we manually added: 6214 Gold 11 Copper to your character xxxxxx.

> Please stay diligent in securing your account information and please make sure not to share your login credentials. Remember to use different passwords for your email address and any other accounts that you may have online.

> Regards,
> GM Lins
> NCSOFT Support Team <


There is solid proof of the amounts that were transferred and exact amounts of it , i provided the support team with screenshots and gave them permission to even log on my account to check for themselves.

Got a reply with 


> We've checked our logs concerning this matter and found that this is the highest amount in-game money that we > have calculated. Unfortunately, we're unable to find any higher amount than this - 6,214 Gold 27 Copper. We > know that this is not the answer that you're expecting from us and we only ask for your understanding. <

 After a little math and research i figured that there logs dated back only to a certain date. These are the amounts i calculated from the mails that are still available to see.


  • **1 Sealed rugged ring for 416 gold and 23 copper
  • 1 healing tonic for 200 gold and 28 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 1000 gold and 88 copper
  • 1 green key for 3150 gold and 66 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 208 gold and 14 copper
  • 1 automation defense soul shield #6 for 624 gold and 30 copper
  • 1 green key for 140 gold and 26 copper
  •  1 green key for 416 gold and 99 copper
  •  1 storm essence for 80 gold -------------> Calculated till here
  • 1 wind monster evasion soul shield #4 for 1050 gold and 10 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 70 gold 44 silver and 22 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 99 gold 21 silver and 99 copper
  • 1 Grimhorn Defense soul shield #2 for 102 gold and 69 copper
  • 1 soulstone for 100 gold and 60 copper
  • 1 fusion powder for 1000 gold and 3 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 208 gold and 33 copper
  • 1 viridian poison for 208 gold and 55 copper
  • 1 soulstone for 2000 gold and 93 copper
  • 1 dumpling for 129 gold 86 silver and 11 copper
  • 1 unsealing charm for 500 gold and 54 copper**

The amount calculated was only till the stormss essence anything after that was ignored for some odd reason.

I explained myself and my theory and they took notice and conducted another invistegation since i had valid proof.



> GM Yuna (Blade and Soul)
> Aug 15, 17:06 PDT

> Hello again,

> We will look onto it and will conduct investigation again regarding to this matter.

> We kindly ask for your patient as we proceed with the investigation.

> Rest assured, we will do our best to assist and help you to resolve your problem.

> Regards,
> GM Yuna
> NCSOFT Support Team <

24~ hours have passed , and i decided to email them , minutes after email them while waiting over 24 hours for the investigation to be done , coincidentally only moments after i send the email in the investigation was done and i get a very vague.

> GM Yuna (Blade and Soul)
> Aug 17, 08:07 PDT

> Hello again,

> We conduct an investigation again regarding to this issue.

> Unfortunately, we are still unable to locate what's in your logs, we can only give you want we find in our system > logs.

> Hoping for your kind understanding.

> If you still have any other concerns, don't hesitate to contact us again.

> Regards,
> GM Yuna
> NCSOFT Support Team <


Basically i'm being punished for a faulty system log system even though their is clear evidence of the values i presented and exactly how they have been deducted.

I don't want to play the sympathy card but i was being treated for stage 1 skin cancer and and thankfully i have been cured. Blade and soul was one if not my favorite thing to do , i was excited to come back. I have saved and put in more than 300-400 hours just of farming that amount to progress. Coming back to see all my work has vanished. 

My email is only created for BnS and is not linked to any other website or forum for security reasons and i was still hacked. No one has access to my information and i do not share my details with anyone. I'm a solo player and having that much lost just broke me to be honest..

Im grateful that i got my account back and some of the gold back , if it was 100-200~ gold difference i would have let it go and called it a day. But its 5000+ gold difference... I hope you guys can help or if one of the ncstaff sees this, please dont let me be a victim of a faulty system logs while i provided you every solid evidence i had. 

Thanks for reading , have a good day.

EDIT 1 : Screenshots compiled




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Hello there,even if i don't know you personally i'm very glad that you are well from this disease..

Yes life isn't fair,you should know it first hand..situations happened and somehow you lost your virtual money and the support has 2932387 cases to solve except of yours and of course in the end you should feel very happy for 2 reasons my friend..First of all they recovered your account for a mistake of yours to not fully protect it against malicious people and programs(bots)..they also managed to recover most of your gold,they could easily send you an automated respond giving 0 f**ks and just skip you...But most of all be happy that you are here with us and healthy to be able to play and make a new start...Life is precious,please don't get stressed and upset about a game..try to have fun and appreciate the little things in life:) 


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