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Why i'm not seeing anyone alongside my journey?

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On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 10:25 AM, CrimsonKitsune said:


On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 7:30 AM, RoseKnight said:

Also try joining a clan and ask them or put out shout in region and see who's willing to help. You can also try soloing some of them but as a new player it can be hard and depends on class and skill to pull off. If you have reached high enough to do the Cinderlands I recommend collecting Cinderland Thorns and selling then for the silver they go for a decent amount of silver. Also the viridian poisons go for an ok amount of silver too.


Lies again this is not the case if he is having trouble finding new people to do this with him and people stopped lvling alts how can these newbies items sell for a decent price or anything at all. Its nice you want to give him hope but false hope isn't hope at all.

I would comment on more of your post but at the moment I don't feel like it. Now....

Not trying to insult you, but you sound like someone extremely new or just not skilled, sorry it's just how you sound. All bosses of viridian coast, except purple ones,  can be taken out solo and this includes the world bosses. The Cinderlands isn't much harder to solo. Yes it takes skill so this is a good chance for those new to game to learn their class. I'm on NA servers and certain items drops like Cinderlands thorn go for a nice amount of silver. To get the purple dungeons done its best to use cross server to find party.


Oh btw here's a nice lil bit of info. I have all classes unlocked and are still lvling some and Ive had no problems. Before you try to say I have gold and buy some items I need for

upgrades listen up. The only time I use my money to buy wep/acc items to upgrade is when I just don't feel like running through a dungeon or killing a world boss. don't forget some like golden deva and Blackram Narrows are purple and no one can sell those you have to fight for them. Blackram, dungeons like it, no problem through cross server and golden deva, others like him, can be done solo. I've run the dungeons, except purple ones, solo with little to no problem.


Not lies nor false hope just truth. One more lil bit of info, the Cinderland thorn is gained from doing the dailies out there so its easy to get, sells good, many just don't feel like

doing it and would rather buy on market. Before commenting you could stand to learn more.

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I played solo in Taiwan with empty areas, no F8 popping for pre-45 content, no friends, no access to shop.


I went on with the story until I was higher level. I came back and farmed the world bosses when I was 2-5 levels above the content.

This was true for accessories and weapon. For accessories, I upgraded a bit at first, but then upgraded to infernal only at level 45+.


I had to fight the Orchard world boss solo 40+ times because I couldn't afford a moonwater key and my warlock weapon just wouldn't drop.


So my point is... You can level and get your upgrades eventually without friends, real money, or anyone else being around.


I will say that some classes are easier to level than others if you are solo. Warlock was decent, summoner was easy-peasy, and force master is eventually easy (low low levels are harsh but after mid-levels you are golden). Mostly because of their ability to aoe or distract bosses (summoner, warlock) until you recover HP.


Good luck. My bf and I just did the open world boss for necklace duo the other day... ouchies lol.  Two melees against ranged minions can be painful.

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I recently leveled from 1-50 on an EU server, and it isn't so bad. Granted, I played the CN version for two years, but they've put in quite a few things to help with the lower level experience already on EU servers it seems. You get quite a few of the upgrading materials from the storyline quests and surveys.


Also, the way the game works, you take much less damage from mobs once you're a certain number of levels above them, so soloing becomes very easy. I leveled past Blackram Narrows then soloed it easily for my weapon upgrade. You can do the same for any of the low level dungeons and bosses.

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