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Tips on building a PC!


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Hello I am new build on building pc and stuff and I wanted other opinions on my build I am thinking going for!

I want it to be able to work really well with bsn and if the build works excellent with bsn then I can finally countine and also not worry about other pc spec for other games for a long while.

So here is a link to the pcpartpicker so i can show you how the build I though of looks so you can give comments on what I could do better!

((sorry for bad grammar and spelling))



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Hi, I will build an PC too at the end of the year.

I would suggest to take the Radeon R9 390X instead of the GTX1080 cause it has almost the same performance and it supports freesync.

I would rather invest into 32gb RAM than in a 1080

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I tough it was free sync, at least most of ppl I play with says this one is awesome for both Intel and AMD users.

I am not in a budget I am looking on part I can buy under time to like get both and 1080 and lots of ram and I already have lots of ram in my current one and it dosent really do much so I thought 16 would be a good start.

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good setup. don't forget to include the OS so you can budget accordingly. Keep in mind higher price does NOT always equal better performance.

Also, spending an extra $1 for anti-static wristband entirely worth it. Better safe then sorry. GPU seems a little overkill in my opinion. If you are on a regular 1080 non-4k monitor gtx 970/980 is fine, even for multiple monitor setup. You wont see much of a performance difference in reg high def. Are you trying to setup something VR-compatible? or multiple 4k monitor setup?


Also, keep in mind there is a high number of users with really nice builds playing this game. Regardless of build you will still experience extreme skill delay and lag within cross-server at different times of the day. Some tech-savvy users have posted a reddit link to a node map so you can actually see the bad nodes the packets are being sent through causing extreme lag. Isn't the games servers or users ISP's but a guess simply a really crappy internet backbone?(From what I could gather)


For cooling I prefer liquid cooling. I haven't seen any fans that come close. I use the H100i. Even while watching a video in the browser with 2 CPU intensive games open simultaneously I never go above 30C on any of my parts. This will ensure your parts really last in the long run. More heat=more wear and tear.


Lastly, I would reconsider forking over the extra cash for high freq memory. Numerous benchmarks, like the one found herehttp://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/70775-intel-skylake-ddr3-vs-ddr4-comparison-5.html , found no performance gain whatsoever. The only difference seems to be the price.Benchmarks performed on the same CPU you plan on purchasing, as well.

Personally, I got gskill sniper 1866(one of the best for overclocking). Haven't regretted the decision. Since that combo is only combatible with DDR4+ though i'd research the benchmarks in the lowest freq first(2133)


Idk if 4700k really that much of a performance gain over 4790k. Benchmarks seemed to be mixed. Def doesn't appear to be 50% better though(cost about 50% more)

Here is the parts list with a few of the changes-http://pcpartpicker.com/list/zrWQD8


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I already have an OS on disc a Windows 10 pro that I can use when ever.

and I kinda went with 1080 since and that formula motherboard becuse they are SLI compatible ((and some more stuff on the mother board))and 1080 have worked really well on other high performance games ((my friend have one)).

also I choose those DDR4 g.skill ripjaws because those are actually specific made for the Intel K skylake processors.


i change the processor cooling to a liquid one becuse thinking on changeing the fans on the liquid coller and the fans in the chassi to a noctua industrial fans that can goo up to 3000 rpm.

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Hi, your build is decent. However if you want to  get your money worth  , make sure you go for high overclock. If you gona run this on 4Gh/4,2 Turbo its huge waste of money to buy such mobo/cooler/cpu. Just saying, as you mentioned you are new to building PC. Better get/pay somebody else to set it up.

Remember best boost to BnS performance in crowded areas is CPU. You should get 4.6Ghz easy.

Motherboard is still overkill though. Are you really sure you are going to use its features? You not even having M2 SSD and you use single GPU. Good alternative is MSI gaming m7. You could spend those money on larger SSD in order to have all games on SSD. You run out of 250Gigs easy nowdays. With Skylake motherboard with M2 slot I went for Samsung 950 Pro.

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On 8/17/2016 at 5:41 PM, Edensia said:

Hi, I will build an PC too at the end of the year.

I would suggest to take the Radeon R9 390X instead of the GTX1080 cause it has almost the same performance and it supports freesync.

I would rather invest into 32gb RAM than in a 1080

I advice to disregard this. Reasons :

There is no competition to 1080 curently.

nobody would use more then 8Gigs of memory for gaming nowdays. 16 Gigs are future proof enough.

Free sync/gsync should not be considered without monitor.

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Personally, i'll suggest this for all around standard gaming without overclocking, i swap out the processor, and puts a PCI-E SSD instead, its really worth it trust me






CPU - Intel Core i5-6600 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor

i5 6600 is powerful enough for gaming and a bit of editing works. You dont need K version if you're not overclocking, Overclocking will reduce the lifespan of your PC. Also I would suggest getting custom liquid cooling for your original setup (i7 6700k, etc2) for optimal thermal performance


CPU Cooler


Cooler Master EVO - Well.... its trusted by many not for nothing, you can swap this out if you want, but honestly if you're not overclocking just use the stock cooler.


Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H170-GAMING 3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard


You dont need Z170 if you dont plan to overclock or those blingy high end gaming boards with features you dont use, trust me. If you still want ASUS boards, I suggest to swap for Asus B150 AURA instead, or Asus H170 PRO GAMING 


RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory


just stick with the usual 2400 or something, nothing much really in terms of RAM speed and performance.... 


SSD - Kingston Predator 250GB PCI-E


For blazing speed and satisfyingly buttery smoothness of the PC . Also loads games really fast


HDD - Seagate SV35.5 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive


welp, mass storage for your work/entertainment library


GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Superclocked Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card


Cheaper than MSI's Gaming X i think? However all GTX 1080s are more or less the same, with the different clock speeds showing merely low difference in performance. Find the one thats cool enough. I picked this because its has a good cooler, plus the color scheme goes well with anything should you opt for RGB strip lighting etc2


Case - Phanteks Enthoo Pro ATX Full Tower Case


I just post what I'm using personally, this is has features you need, looks clean. Plus the white interior makes RGB LED strips looks brighter


PSU -  Cooler Master 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply


If you look at the upper tabs, the overall estimated power draw is roughly 400W. So Cooler Master 650 80+ Gold is a good choice, also fully modular so you can use sleeved cables to make your setup look neat. Plus PC components are getting more and more power efficient. I also dont suggest to SLI or Crossfire because it is quite buggy each time a new games come out, some are not even solved until now... depends on your GPU choice you might want a better PSU

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