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Poharan's big sister!


I think....maybe? Would be creepy if her mom dressed that way....Maybe her sister...or a rival?


IDK beats me...where's the FM's new skills...and destroyer...and WL...and SF...and, to hell with it! Just what we need BMs, Sins, and KFMs becoming more OP than they already are. >.<



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I got only one word for this: WHOA!

Summoner's Ultimate skill should be giant beehive meteors dropping from the sky if going bee-build, or grow giant sunflowers that concentrate solar lasers on the a huge area if going sunflower-build.

9 hours ago, Sneeky said:

While they are updating class specific skills, they should give WL's more cc's or a some better escape abilities. 

im there with u buddy. how about defensive thrall is used for actual defence or help when user is downed just like summoners cat or destroyer shield

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Exactly!!! My Thrall never takes agsro from Mushin's Tower or Heroic dungeons, I am sure he wasn't made too if we have AP over 550. If somehow they can use a different metric to enhance the Thralls aggro focus on bosses and PVP towers our squishyness would be able to survive a little longer.

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