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Low FPS issue


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My specs are: 


CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T (6 CPU's) ~3,2GHz

GPU: Nvidia GTX 970

RAM: 12

OS  : Window 7 64-Bit


I'm running Blade and Soul on 10-40 fps mostly 20-30 it drops a lot when bosses uses their big moves, can someone help me point out me problems? I really wished i could get stable 60 fps...

or my specs are not good enough for it? already tried various methods but it doesnt work.




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Hello there, you have that kind of drop because your cpu is old, and you got strong gpu ( graphic card) so basically your cpu getting bottlenecks  and that is causing that kind of problems named fps drop, am suggesting you if you got decent motherboard to get new cpu or to overclock that one you got atm, but don't  oc if you don't have decent cooling and motherboard. For stable 60 fps you need at least  8xxx or intel i5 ,with  intel i5 you could get very stable fps also with fx 8xxx, so your problem is cpu. Am glad if i helped you out!

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my CPU is same as urs.

and my GPU is GT 750.


i run the game (with full party (6 ppl) on boss with 30FPS.

when solo - 4 ppl at party (at quests) i run on 50-60 fPS no problem.

check ur drivers.

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