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I have an undeletable character on my friends list and support doesn't care

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Reported the bug to support. They told me they can't do anything, which is understandable. What's incomprehensible is that they didn't even bother saying "oh hey we'll pass this along to the dev team" or indicate that they cared which kind of annoys me (because I even said in my ticket that I'd like it if they could pass this along to the devs). They pretty much just said "We can't do anything, sorry," and that was that. I guess I'll just have to post this here and hope NCSoft eventually decides to do something about this eyesore that I can't delete from my friends list.




This happened when I added a bot character that had presumably been banned to my friends list. Why would I do that, you ask? Because the "report" button doesn't actually stop these "people" from spamming friend requests on you so I have to manually block them, but I can't do that if I don't add them since I won't know their character name. However, if I add them and they get banned by the time I add them, I end up in this situation. Fantastic how that works, eh?

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