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purification jar???


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how the *cricket* do i get that? it says either from the merry potter something (which i dont know how to get there) or by buying it from the marketplace, but thats a problem cause im kinda new (lvl 44) and i have only 3gold. purification jar costs like 37gold!! what do i do? please help...


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Merry Potter is a crafting guild. So when it says that you can obtain it from Merry Potter it means that you can craft it yourself. Even then, the materials to create it will be around the market price.


Back in the day, it cost 19 gold. It took a while, but I got it..finally lol. My alt, now Lvl 50 HM 3, still doesn't have enough money for it. I COULD give money to my alt to get it, but all the purification jar does it give you increased stamina (15k to 20k), which isn't all too important to do the content.

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The Purification Jar adds 5 seconds to your sprint time (don't worry if you can't get it anytime soon, I didn't get it until just recently on my main since I was more focused on gear)


It's made through LV3 or higher Merry Potters requiring a Moonwater Secret Technique that drops in Brightstone Ruins.

The materials needed are a Moonwater Tear, Banishing Charm (Earthseers, may also need Moonwater Technique), and Ceremonial Meal (same but with Acquired Taste)


It's so expensive because it requires a lot of time and a lot of materials to make.


Here's the full list:

  • Moonwater Tear: 13 (can farm any Moonwater blue dungeons, as of the latest patch Silverfrost blue dungeons, or from the Moonwater Life Chests)
  • Tempered Clay: 20 (can order from Green Thumbs)
  • White Cedar Sap: 2 (can order from Tree Fellers)
  • Sparkling Water: 10 (get some Moonwater Jars and farm the wells)
  • Grimy Clam: 10 (can order from Fish Network)
  • Gnarlhorn Meat: 10 (can order from Trapper's Alliance)


The Clay, Sap, Water, and 10 of the Tears go into making 10 Premium Tempered Bowls (2 orders of 5 at 12-13 hours each)

The Clams get polished, then used with 1 Tear and 5 Premium Bowls to make a Banishing Charm (about 4 hours to craft)

The Meat is turned to jerky, then used with 1 Tear and the other 5 Premium Bowls to make a Ceremonial Meal (also 4 hours to craft)

The Charm and Meal are then used with the last Tear to make the Jar (yet another 4 hours)


Fortunately, prices for them are actually going down since the Soulstone costs were eliminated with the last patch.


I make them completely from scratch using 3 total characters and it can take me as much as several days to finish one Jar. If I wasn't stocked up on White Cedar Sap from order spamming nor willing to buy off the market, I'd have to add 20 hours per Sap.


2x20 hr (Saps) + 2x50 min (Clay, Clam, Meat can be done all at the same time) + 2x50 min (Tempered Bowls) + 2x12 hr (Premium Bowls) + 3x4 hr (final crafting) = somewhere around 80 hours with slight rounding for a single Jar

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