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Tainted Lab daily unavailable


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Hi, I' currently experiencing an issue where no daily quest is available to me for the Tainted Lab dungeon.


Tainted Lab is part of the Daily Challenge today so I went to the dungeon lobby found myself a party and we went in. When i got to the Tainted Lab lobby the NPC didnt offer a quest so I went inside to see if there was an NPC inside the dungeon that would give it to me but there isnt. Went back out, still no quest. Tried accepting the quest directly from the Daily Challenge window but that didnt work either, but I could accept the other quest from there.


So I exited the lobby and went back in-game, windstrided to Tainted Lab hoping the NPC in from of the dungeon would offer me the quest but he didnt.


Went back to the lobby, found a group, completed the dungeon and nothing. While I was in there spoke a bit with my party and atleast 1 other player was experiencing the same issue as me.


Obviously its not because Ive already completed the quest today, I havent done that dungeon in a while and my Daily Challenge would mark it as completed anyway not give me an "Accept" button that does nothing.


I tried exiting the game completely and loging back in but still no quest available for Tainted Lab.

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