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Unable to get back up to Mushin's Tomb

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Since NCsoft's ticket system doesn't function (keeps redirecting me to another page), I need to complain about it on the forums instead.


So I was in the middle of a cut scene when you arrive at Mushin's Tomb and I get disconnected. Aside from being annoying, I now cannot get back to Mushin's Tomb to continue the story. So I'm wondering if there's a way to fix this error or if the GMs will bother to make it possible for me to get back up there.


Thank you for any actual help you may provide.

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Also, log into your account FIRST, then go to Support, Blade  and Soul, and you should be able to submit a ticket that way.  Silly work around that shouldn't need to be done, but hey, at least you can send the ticket.

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