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So for those who didn't watch the stream today, they announced that a new weapon path was coming soon to NA/EU. Anyone know the specifics of this, for example when the changes are coming, or whether it will be an alternate path like Siren/Oathbreaker or just a single path? 

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seems they will implement the other option of upgrading weapons currently at other server.

i personally havent tried it yet coz i dont have alt that needs to upgrade, or rather i should say im lazy to upgrade them. and my 2 mains already at maxed.

my friend who recently made new class at TW told me the new "path" is cheaper, like half of the materials needed from the "normal path." but needs a lot of faction insignia and silverfrost refining stone (new item released together with new path). also the sacrificial weapon are different but breakthrough still same.

the path is new but the name still same. they are still awake breeze, awake scorpio and so on.

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