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B & S Korea Tournament June


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Hi, I am really surprised there has been no mention at all here on the official B&S forums about the Korea PvP tournaments. And it's been 2 months already! :O


I think there should be much more awareness about this, otherwise how can fresh people be drawn into the community tournaments?


For anyone who wants to have a look like I do, just check PlayNC's official channel on youtube.


There is (near) full English coverage on the tournament, you just have to look through all the Korean videos to find them. Or use the search function, they are called:


[ENG] BST TAG MATCH - Day X (X = 3, 4 etc)

[ENG] BST SINGLE MATCH - Day Y (Y = 1, 2 etc)


sadly day 1 and 2 of tag matches seem to be missing. :(

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