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Chat issues Cross-server


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Recently I've started to have some issues with the chat in cross-server.

It often is invisible for me, when I say something it doesn't show up either.

The recruit messages arent showing up.

Only when I am in a party I can talk in normal chat 100% of the time. (only Normal chat, not Party chat)

It goes on and off, each time I switch out of the lobby into the dungeon it either works or doesnt

when I go back it stops working half of the time, then when I enter a dungeon again it might work.

It might be a personal problem, because a guildie on discord could see the chat when it occured to me once.

But it might just that he could see the chat that time, since I've stated that it goes on and off after entering or leaving the cross-server lobby.


Anyone else having the same issues?


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