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ERROR 1000 unofficial fix


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i have this issue before w/ the error 1000. And i would like to share the solution i made for the benefit of all. I discovered it through trial and error.


I resolve this issue by the following steps:

1)download and install AVG free antivirus

2)open BNS app but dont launch

3)disable AVG

4)launch BNS

5)on character select Enable AVG

6)and everything will work fine FOR ME

Hope this will work on you guys and help a lot of players having this issue.

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Actually what worked for me,3 days now no error is to actually put exception in your Firewall for Client.exe and NClauncherR.exe and also GameMon.des...that being said,deactivate your IPv6 from your network and in IPv4 put google DNS( and Disable your antivirus completely in game,Put High CPU priority on Client.exe and you are good to go :)

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