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beyond aggravated with support


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I am usually very patient, and very understanding. I hardly really complain, and wait for them to solve issues but this just got to the point of getting on my nerves for the incompetence resolving problems. 

So months ago support got my boyfriend changing his email login for security measures. Ever since that day he has issues to log on the website (he could log in game fine). Now always talking about the website I could log on my account on his computer, he could log on his alt account on his computer, but not on his main account, he also can't log using my computer, and support reply was to turn off antivirus, try a different browser and clear cookies, I don't know if this is some kind of joke or the people there is not even reading. Still we dealt with it for days until they finally fixed it, but it lasted like a week, a few days ago he tried to log back on the website to buy premium (which expired), and he couldn't AGAIN, and support reply? to turn off antivirus.. I seriously feel insulted. They finally replied again today saying they made adjustments on his account and he should be able to log, and now he can't even log in the game!!! They locked his account completely!!!

Is this some kind of joke??? We have been playing since closed beta, I have been very patient about many things, but this was just beyond tolerance. 

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1 hour ago, xSonatax said:



Your BF may have been banned for logging into an unknown computer from the NC's system. (Last known login location in your profile).

Perhaps this is a prevention for malicious access to your BF account even though you know it is him who access and tried to login to website.
But in this case, there is no way that the server know that the real owner was the one using the account.


Aside from that, I urge you NOT to use the default Blade & Soul Support ticket system. Those people there are from India probably and only works as a Call Center Agent with canned reply.

I advise you to contact and talk directly to a GM via: support@bladeandsoul.com (for support related issues) or appeal@ncsoft.com (for banned account, GMs will reply to you here).
As experienced, talking to them directly will resort to your issue quickly resolve. Just explain to them properly & nicely how or what went wrong in your end.


But do expect a reply about "Final Warning Bla Bla" even though its unrelated to your issue. Just ignore that. It doesnt matter.


Again, I see this as a prevention locked-down instead of faulty system that NCSoft sometimes have.

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We don't use outsourcers from India. And no sending an email to Support@NCSoft.com or submitting at ticket will result in the same amount of time to get your ticket answered. It all really depend on our current ticket volume.

Ping me on @WildStarOps Twitter or PM Mr. Smiley on the forums and provide a ticket #.

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