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What's the best gear after Shadows of Innocents Update?


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I recently took a break from BnS and came back with the update, I'm currently going through Act 6 of the story (on Chapter 7), and level 50 HM3. And I was wondering what the best choice of gear I should be aiming for in this update. I'm a Lyn Summoner and this is what I currently have equipped:


-Awakened Infernal Necklace - Stage 10

-Awakened Infernal Earring - Stage 10

-Awakened Infernal Ring - Stage 10

-Oathbreaker Belt

-Oathbreaker Bracelet



Endless Tower (1,2,4,5,6,8)

Bloodshade (3,7)

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The best gear in the game right now (PVE), would be:


Balefull/Seraph Staff

True Yeti ring

True Python Necklace

True Python Bracelet

True Scorpio Earring

True Python belt


This is VERY expensive, and in my opinion overkill for the current content.


Best soulshields:


Asura 1,2,4,6,8

Be ido 3,5,7


For this content you will only need about 550 AP to do all of the dungeons including 4 man.


You should try to aim for this:


True Breeze Staff

True Siren Ring

True Siren Necklace

True Siren Earring

Awakened Oathbreaker Bracelet

25 AP Diamond Gem


With this gear, you can aquire the above soul shields. If you can't then using full yeti soul shields should suffice.


If you only want to do 6 man dungeons then 500 AP should be enough. You will only need to get True Oathbreaker staff instead of True Breeze.



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