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Possible spoiler! Act 7, I can't find the children :(


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SPOILER WARNING!!!! Just in case. =)




I'm at Act 7: Under Stratus Skies: Chapter 1. Devastation. I'm supposed to find and comfort my students, but I can't find or figure out where they are at. Does anyone know? I've tried to search on google and youtube, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of people who've posted about that part of the quest yet.

I tried to click the quest mark in the quest list to track where to go, but that doesn't work for this quest. I'm supposed to be able to figure this out but I'm not very attentive for this quest it seems *sweatdrop*


Someone else got an answer to this question. seems I'm at the end of my main questline atm. Doh! I'd love it if they would make a pop-up that says something like this at the end of the main questline: "Congratualtions! You've reached the end of the Main Scenario Quest for now. Stay tuned for the next installment soon!" or something.

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