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New BD HM skill (3 offals)


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So , flaming scourge , dps path 


+recovers aditional focus upon critical hit        (okey i get it) 

+increases critical damage by 10%                    (i get that too) 

+increases lighting damage on equipement by 40% during flaming scourge  , then +100 


I think my english isnt THAT bad , but i am having a hard time to fully understand whats the benefit and if its worth getting the skill 

Does that means that i will get 40% more power ?ex. Hitting for 10k to 14k? Or something more that have to do with future upgrades ?

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Lightning (or all elemental damage) is not important now. We will get this after the next 2 acc upgrades (so in Q4). It slightly increases your damage but not that much. The skill upgrade will be pretty good later but now it is a minor dps increase. If you can get the offals, take them, but I wouldn't pay hundreds of gold now.

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