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Merry Potter Secret Technique - Moonwater


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Thank You for the replies. I might buy it like this I can start making moon water stones. Run the dungeon still, if I get the drop than just sell it, but in the mid time make money every 24 hours selling the stones I think is worth it. Specially now when I can make 35 Gold+ daily.


xRyu Hayabusax HM

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It's about lucky... I have 150+ runs and got it like 8-9 times.(i run it for moonwater tears)


24 minutes ago, Aoras said:

i ran this dung like... 170+ and saw it 6 times what i never seen drop is radiant ring adden technique in dokumo dung xD so its really about RNG... as everything here

That one is hard... I have near 80 runs in Dokumo and saw it only once!!!

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