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KFM or Soul Fighter?


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Hey guys.


I came back to BnS after a while and saw the new SF class so I took it to level 25 to try it out. I'm trying to decide which class I want to main. Well now that I got my SF to 25, it feels like suddenly got different. I like that she has range capabilities but I absolutely hate that she has little to no blocking ability. It just doesn't make sense to me that a class with melee capabilities/ focus can't defend itself very well from melee opponents. She does have one block with a very short time frame but long cool down and the tab to switch stance seriously annoys me that it's not a permanent switch. That makes no sense to me either. Sometimes mid fight It'll randomly switch back to melee and I'm throwing punches instead of snowballs and it takes a couple secs to realize, in which I could be taking damage or getting stunned.


I do like the theory of this class but I don't think it was executed very well. I'm starting to get the impression that despite being a hybrid, it became a weaker version of it's parent classes. But I also could be playing it horribly wrong, and/ or I get access to new skills at higher levels that help? Can you guys with end game or near end game give me some insights to this class?


P.S I'm looking for serious insight instead of patriotic class bias.

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i only switch stances if i get out of fight (automaticly to kfm stance) currently mainly playing my sf (628 ap) but also got a kfm alt. enjoy em both (kfm 500+ sth) but really think sf is way better dps and WAAAAY better aoe dmg. Not having any good aoe dmg and the stack system that seems impossibl to maintain perma max on some bosses is what drove me from kfm to sf. Both classes are cool. But for me Kfm is more a pvp char now and i do pve with SF. In PvE the sf is a "better" kfm to me since dps seems higher, rotation is easier and its more agile and even got better cc there (given kfm is specced with max tank abilitys he loses cc) the FM stance is only eally worth using for dps when whirlwind/burning tundra is rdy but then its quit nice dps, though definitifly lower then FM.

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I am also geting that "bug" @PotatoPirate where i get kicked out of FM stance back to KFM, its honestly weird but idc too much for it as my main dps is in KFM stance and i can go back to FM with TAB or SS,


As for the block if u take the 3 second one that freezes the enemy ur never gonna suffer, just block the atack then press 1 to go behind enemy and he is frozen for 5 seconds, thats 5 secs to deal FREE DMG, now for AOE u'd want the FM stance OR take the ice RB in KFM stance, its less dmg but it freezes enemies and its also AOE.



KFM AOE - gather mobs > 3 or 4 for cc > spam RB to freeze while mobs CC'd > get behind them so no dmg taken.


Just for ur info, the FM stance is prety poopy later on, and use the pull V and BEAM for questing.

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***warning! wall of text ahead!!***


I actually like kfm better lol

but in certain situations it sucks to be kfm or any type of melee class coz range classes always ks the sh*t outa you coz you either need jump on target first (if you have charge/pull skills) and if you're too slow you don't get the kill :(

as for pvp and that's probably just my personal experience... I prefer kfm coz I just know how to play it better and played it for a long time to understand how to counter each class, even vs sin and fm which to a beginner kfm they can be hell o.o


but the soon you get certain hongmoon skills... as sf.... like my friend has now lol

their dps is insane and even in pvp.... they're godly if you know what skills to use... O_o

hell even without much knowledge lol 1 of their hongmoon skills is retardedly high dps to a point you can't really move or do ANYTHIN and absorb all dmg x.x and it's VERY HIGH dmg O_O

he even ends up tanking when we run dngs now even if there are higher geared people (depends how high geared/which classes) but still... that skill is really insanely great x.x


and I main now a sin... taking a long time to get the last hm skill I need most for my out-of-stealth dps... but it's fun run stuff with him, sf and sin is a great duo ^-^ would be nice if he had shields like FM but that would be too op xD 


before my sin I was maining a sf too, had her geared pretty well... spent sh1ttons on her with cashop.... outfits and whatnot lol

but I went sf coz my friend was sf... I tend to do that mistake every game we play lol follow the class he's playing even if it doesn't suit me, wasting lots of in-game money and real money on that toon then feeling like "oh it's not really for me :\ " our playstyles very different and I get pissed off sooooooooooo easily that he always beats the crap outa me in pvp if we spar (not always the case but still XD) always feels like he's better at anythin than me :(


I have NO IDEA why you say it has long cd block skill with short duration ! O_o

it depends how you spec it. I always chose the first or 2nd path of it... either to just block and end up at the rear of the mob/boss with bit of frost on it or simple block with little to no effect but the block (if I remember right)


and randomly going back to melee (basic stance) is coz it has a certain time duration to stay in ice stance... if you just stand there or not doing your ice attacks it will throw you back to melee stance again... it takes time to get used to and you can switch that your ss will throw you back to ice stance which at first I didn't understand what people were talkin bout going randomly into ice stance or vise versa but it's actually good (you need spec your ss skill for it) that way when you click ss to dodge you can go back to ice mode and stay outa harmsway.


the class itself is very good in BOTH stances if you play it right. you can stay in melee and still have ice effect on your punches it freezes the target or targets depends on your spec... you have your V skill that ices everything within certain range in front of you... it's awesome o.O


and if you want bit more easier to play class you should pick FM maybe... if you want range class... not sure what you after thou what you prefer and what's your playstyle like.


kfm is also good but requires more practice and if you like pvp or even in pve... you should practice certain combos to understand better how/when to kd/stun/daze :)

I used to play kfm and from my experience... even thou I never really mastered 3rf ... it really depends on 'knowing your opponent' and predict their moves/animations to know what skill to use next..


I tried play all the classes lol

even gave a shot to blade dancer and destro... only to find out (kinda really soon after made them lol) that they're not my cup of tea :\

blade master is REALLY easy to play lol but at early lvs... or if you don't upgrade your gear... you do little to no dmg Q_Q
in pvp it's different thou they're godly in the right hands lol and with their hm skill... if the opponent is stupid enough it can just stand in it and take all the damage and just suicide o_o lol

even tried scummoner... they're the easiest of all classes with that stupid cat pet... if you spec your kitty right it becomes your tanker... bosses goes after kitty while you spam your flower or whatnot... really easy boring class :c

FM is interesting... very powerful dps.. good to the party with their shields as well.. if played right or time right with the shields since not always it's a good thing.

warlock is also some sort of a scummoner just higher dps with a pet that doesn't always have to be spwned to defeat your target lol >.>"

the most fun classes to me... are kfm and sin lol

the way both can stun/kd/daze people to death just amuses me lol

they both fun in pve as well... they both have block skill and althou with sin it throws em back to stealth... later on as you gear up and get your hm skills you don't need stay in stealth to be awesome, and I just can't wait get to that point, I'm almost there just farming achievement points to get the items I need from the achievement shop lol (althou you can get them items with the heavenly orbs or whatever they called as well.. 20 for each item you need, not easy to farm as I don't know how else cept  the daily challenge you get them from..)


hope I helped somehow with the decision bout SF or any other class you might want try to play if not SF o.o

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