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Help me with this


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Soo, I'm kinda new to KFM. Like, really new. I'm 50 with it.


Really ashamed to say this but...I need help fighting against BMs in pvp. Yes. BMs. 

I just feel like i'm doing something wrong when I fight against them. I get dazed and stuned way too often when I'm fighting against them. 

So, could you guys help me with some "do that" and "don't do that"  when fighting against BMs?


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Good BMs utterly wreck KFMs so you don't have to feel ashamed or anything, even more so now with HM Z.


You have to play around their Q/Es, which is difficult since they have shorter CDs than ours and can be used even when they're not looking at you, to be blunt their Q/E is better, funny huh. 

You could try things like for instance rushing them with RMB then quickly turn around and backstep, putting a good distance between the two of you. They'll probably have used their Q and will now be in draw stance and you might catch them with flurry C, best case scenario they tried to stun you with flicker and you got a triple kick proc.


Never try to block when they're close to you, it' just begging to be stunned by thelol9secondCDkickthatgoesthroughalldefense, spam counter when you're at range and if you know he has HM Z be prepared to backstep since that's the only thing you can do.


When you are on the ground don't do anything until they used the kick, sometimes it even surprises people that you don't try anything and get a free out of KD, be prepared to backroll F if they use defense penetrating shoulder as most will just air launch after that. But their ground game is stupidly strong anyway, like, they can have up to 5 defense penetrating skills so...


I would also recommend taking firestorm kick because good luck landing triple kick on good BMs, with firestorm you might catch them since it goes throuhh defense as well and you can use it out of their Q/E range.


Finally, if you can't get a satisfying opener at the very beginning you could try:

Dash towards him > when you're at the range they can throw their pull turn around > backstep to get close > wait a second then use ice flower Tab 

It should freeze them and you should be both in combat. With some luck you could actually Backstep the pull and firestorm kick them but that's super hard.


Pretty hard to put into words, best find a good BM as sparring partner and keep practicing. Anyway, probably second shittiest matchup for KFMs so don't blame yourself too much if you lose.

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Hmm, as a "middle tier" arena KFM, my advice won't be as good as some, but maybe it will be a good inspiration for a few things.


Opener: Against a bad BM, you can start with knock down kick from air, but those with fast reactions will stun-block you. Sitting and waiting will unnerve some, but will not work unless you are really good at SS. My best opener so far is is flurry specced for immunity. Inexperienced BMs will block, then panic and attack, and thus proc firestorm kick.  The slightly better ones will Q/E, but too early - your flurry will follow them and you can turn and firestorm kick them anyway. The best ones will dodge the firestorm kick, but at least you are in range then. Never use TAB opener as they can Q/E it.


Q/E: Funny enough, BM also complain about KFM Q and E being better, mainly about the longer iframe time. It is hard for them to guess the best time to attack without proccing firestorm kick, and many bad ones are too panicky and do Q and E directly one after another, leaving the KFM with well extra immunity time. Try running more behind them after a dodge to confuse them.


TAB and F: BM sport just as many CC as KFM, so you need to pick your escapes carefully. Use TAB when they prepare a timed AoE (lightning circle animation on the ground etc), because you do not want to get stunlocked within that thing. Use F carefully, as they will tech chase that. Best to use SS, flurry (or ice guard) after TAB or F to avoid getting trapped again within the AoE.


Fighting spirit, grapple or ice guard: If you are very good, fighting spirit is probably best, because it will punish their one mistake with a win for you. Ice guard is playing it safe, can help you survive their flock of blades bursts and helps getting skills off cooldown. Grapple has the advantage that BM are more focus dependent than KFM. However, good BMs are hard to catch with this. If I use grapple, then usually just in one of the matches, as a surprise.


Counter: All of them are good, but risky against BM. As said, they are best used only at range, though they can be exploited for a free stun by good BMs. Unless you know how to use them reactively and fast don't use them at close range.
Most go with the 2 sec stun immunity version. But Elbow Smash is harder for the BM to spot and can punish them more, especially the hongmoon secret technique version. The 6 sec cooldown stun version might be good since you do not want to spam counter with BMs anyway, but I have never tested it.


3RF stunlock or aircombos: A 3RF 100-0 is most impressive and psychologically more devastating for the BM, but air combos perform well against BMs as they buy you time for your cooldowns. Also BMs often make mistakes after the air combo because you have many good options: Use TAB jump in the middle of the air combo, use Q/E plus stun or knockdown or use SS plus knockdown kick.
To use air combos often, spec your Smite (F) to proc from cyclone kick.


Baiting their TAB: You can try to use Q/E after stuns/knockdowns to avoid their TAB daze, similar to assassins. This can also give you a free Firestorm kick option and 3RF can ensue.


Turning: the earlier in the fight, the more the BM will use Q/E. Focus on keeping them in sight, use Q / E with enough delay to get the most out of their immunity time and do not invest your best CC at the start. You can try putting searing palm on them during your immunity times, it is likely to unnerve them.


In general, I find fights between BM, KFM and assassins to be mostly about nerves. Using too much too soon will usually lose you the match.

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