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Taikhan Phases


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Hey everyone, hoping someone could tell me what my party was doing wrong during Taikhan.


I had watched a few videos to learn the mechanics and things were going fine until he had probably less than 35-40% HP. After he did the charge and we blocked him, he would no longer return to the middle to do his room-wide aoe, and instead would just throw from one end of the room to the complete opposite which made it really difficult for the whole party to get to the safe zone without stacking quite a few poisons. He would repeat this until everyone died by poison, or until he enraged.


In the videos I watched, this never seemed to be the case, and they could kill him easily by just rinse-and-repeating the mechanics. Why did he do this?


I should note that he was being grabbed right after his charge. Is this the reason he skips jumping to the center? Or did we somehow skip the phase entirely by DPSing too quickly? This was my first run, but I play FM so I don't think it was by my accord that he behaved that way, unless it was because of damage.


Thanks, I couldn't find an answer anywhere.


Edit: Err, well... Okay. I watched another video and saw he did basically the same thing so I guess it's normal for him to do that? But I suppose the grab reduced the time we had to damage him, because we hardly did any damage to him before we had to run for another safe zone, which is why he reached enrage and other party members died.

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