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Best soul shield set now?


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Is the best SS after yesterday's patch still Asura 1/2/4/6/8 and Be Ido 3/5/7? Is the "twisted" set or whatever it's called any good? I've actually been scrapping every twisted piece I got from Zaiwei so far lol. I don't PvP so I don't intend on getting the challenger set.

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These Options are all good:


- 2/4/8 challenger, rest asura -> best

- 3/5/7 be ido, rest asura -> more piercing, more acc, less crit than twisted

- 3/5/7 twisted, rest asura -> more crit, less piercing, less acc than be ido


It's up to you what you need more. I stay with be ido because acc and piercing is more usefull cause I have already over 60% crit rate. Simply not worth to change the ss now.

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