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Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

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I will agree that this game has  a serious problem.  One thing blizzard did best in world of warcraft was to make gear easily accessible to players, including the legendary cloak back in mists of pandaria. (though the cloak was still a grind, it was still achievable for casual players, just took longer than those hardcores who raided the tougher dungeons, but eventually we would catch up.)


This game does not have that "feel" and its mostly an exhausting grindfest.  Which is why im debating on playing Legion WoW when the expac comes out. Wow still remains the top mmo, even though BNS has better graphics, wow had the best system. It was grindy, but every day you atleast got something done and progression did not take long at all like in BNS.  Had i put this much effort in bns in warcraft, id be an elite player by now. (I achieved that status in mists in warcraft)


Point being,  had it not been for my main with the capacity to make moonwater stones, solo brightstone ruins with 566 ap, i would never had gotten my soulfighter to 525 as quick as i did, and i also ended up joining a clan where the clan mates dont mind carrying you, even through 4mans. (even with this great oppoortunity i rarely run with them due to my  slow loading screens and feelings of guilt of holding them back due to them having to wait. they dont mind, but  still the feeling is there. On rare ocassions i do ask,  when the daily challenge is between beastbog or nexus, then id choose the nexus run.


However, even with 566 ap on my main i still struggle in ssp, not because i dont know how to do damage, but rather because i lagg so much due to it being massively overcrowded and bosses dying too fast for me to even input the neccessary damage.


So i can imagine the frustration of the lower ap players below 500. Even with my SF at 525, i will stay away from rage plains while on her. 


While on the topic of ranting on ssp, i would like to know, why i got the chest from elephant king gri and not the quest item for the 15 soulstones daily.  I attempted this mini boss 3 times before i rage quit. I put in time and effort, only to have my time wasted. 


NCSOFT better look at the blizzard model. There is a reason why blizzard is a very successful company, despite the mistakes they made with wow in the past, WOW still has life in it,  so much that it even spun a movie.  Logic says, follow those who are successful, you can only get smarter by learning from a smarter oponent.



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On 7/21/2016 at 6:44 PM, Jurisz said:

There is no efficient way to push through 450+ AP cap right now. Everything is so damn expensive and takes months of farming. But then what? New content comes out again.


Kep swiping your cards people. 

Really cause I got 660+ only spending about 20bucks on the box event with the 2 gems and whatever I spent on premo. Spent gold on trove and made all my money back and more. 


Also you think this is bad, you clearly didnt play when 45 was the max and you had to run multiple toons to get more than 17 soul stones a day to make MTS and on top of that you only made 5-6g a day if you didnt sell your mats. 


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Managed to get to 457Ap with my BM yesterday after getting my weapon up to max true oathbreaker but damn does the costs get higher and higher. Biggest problem if your a new player or a casual is once you hit 45 you hit a major wall in terms of upgrades. I got 3 lvl50s and only my main has decent AP atm as the rest are sub400. Upgrading take a steep incline with costs going from silver to multiples of gold in part because not only is the base cost in gold but you need lots of soulstones and multiple moonwater tran stones and then moonstones as well. Would be nice if these items were only needed in small amounts till you got oathbreaker completed and they did mention something about it on the livestream yesterday that the cost do make a steep jump. I've run a few things and I'm making some gold (though its nowhere near enough atm to gear several characters) but noone likes an endless grind either it only leads to burnouts. One of the things I like is playing different classes as it breaks up the monotony and keeps the game interesting and it be great if I could gear em up reasonably enough but the way they released several years worth of content over 6 months means any character I level up will be stuck at sub 400 for a good while. With the game so focused on AP (in part because of rage timers etc) it be nice to be able to reach an entry level AP without too much grind.

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Ok let me introduce to you you ultimate gold and mats easy farm :


Do daily save Heavenly Orbs (blue daily orbs) - try to find nice 5 people if you have around 500 AP or 3 players when you are 550+ and spam Glomdross (veeeeeery easy dung) you can do it in 10-15 mins depends on setup and share seeds and stingers if you go 4 man you can even be more efficient when Offal drops around 800g thats a huge profit .


example :


Yesterday we 3 man Glomdross (we are already on 600+AP without spending any money except one month premium ) after 22 runs we have enough mats for all accesories (True Oath  to  Avake Scorp/Yeti/Python) + 300g left each its only about luck and decisions if you want spend half of hour waiting for SSP done or any dung whats not profitable and easy for neewbies you playing this game wrong


PS: If you want fun in game first make your gear and then have fun 


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You're missing the point Malph:


Managed to get to 457Ap

People who play for fun or not regularly don't have anything like 500 AP. Getting there is even harder now that the gem slots are limited etc.

Cheaper, better, faster is no longer possible and there's a lot of players who are don't invest money; ergo, they hit the wall, mentioned above.


The decision to make the recent changes seem to be revenue connected... Level 50 increased the size of the wall hit.


Method: Farm dungeons, craft transformation equipment, collect soulstones, tokens etc., rinse & repeat


NC just needs to review the situation and make some changes.


Hardly seeing any Soul Fighters of lvl 45+

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After 1 month of playing... Im a free to play player ..it is possible and it feasible but you need to know what you are doing




also despite being in a clan the help that i received was quite minimal so I can say that 95% was achieved with my own strength.

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If you're not playing this game, or any Korean/Japanese games seriously and regularly, then these are not the games for you. Korean MMOs are designed to be insanely grindy, taking weeks sometimes months to progress one step forward. It's just the culture, they love the grind, they love the feeling of working super hard in order to get what you want, to get the fame that you're the stronger people in the game.


Meanwhile in NA (can't say EU, not from there), people want reward from having fun. People here don't want to work hard in the game yet they demand to be rewarded for the little here-and-there play they do, and it becomes more and more apparent as age generation shifts to a new one. There's nothing wrong with that, honestly, but if you want to play a Korean game, especially their MMORPGs, expect insane grind and don't complain if that's what you get.

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