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Archon (Crimson) Lvl 15| Active | Friendly | Discord | PvX

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About Us:
We are a casual group of gamers looking to expand our community and welcome players who want to explore the vast world of BnS with us. We like to mess around and hang out, but when it comes down to it, we will tackle content (PVE, PVP, etc.) seriously. We look to enjoy the endgame, but also strive to make sure the journey there is just as enjoyable for all of our members.

Goals for BnS:
-Build a friendly, yet competitive community where everyone who enjoy the game can come together and interact with their clan members
-Help each other pick up and learn the game and its content(PVP, PVE, crafting, gearing, quests, etc)
-Interact with each other and enjoy both PVE/PVP aspects of BnS with everyone (don't be shy ;D)
-Have fun~ Enjoy the game in the company of other players who also love this game <3

Application (What we're looking for):
- Semi-active -> active (3-4 days a week, maybe 1-2 hours a day minimum is okay)
- Talkative (We love to talk and greet everyone~ make conversation! ask me how my day was, who my first lover was idc)
-Preferably interested in using voice chat (sometimes typing takes a lot of energy)
-Nice, respectful, open-mindedness (I understand sometimes you have those days, but try not to be a meanie :C)
-Anyone interested in the goals we have above ^

We actively use guild/party chat in game and are looking to expand to voice chat means if we can get enough people who are interested and willing to join us. We plan to use Discord to fulfill these means, unless people encounter trouble with it and then we'll explore other ways.

When we play: 
Many of us live in the U.S.A so we're active mainly around 6pm PST - 12am PST, though we encourage everyone whoever is interested, no matter what timezone, to join us. I'll be looking to recruit throughout the day just so that we have a solid spread of players online throughout the day.

How to join:
If you guys are interested in joining, sign up and apply on our website: & send a friend request to "Paramina". Thank you for your consideration~ Hope to see you all in game!

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