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Game locks up, reset pc


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Hi, so i'm having this problem for a few months now, and it's totaly random, that my pc locks up during playing bns, and the only way to reset the pc is holding the power button.

I've already tried a few things like:


- Ram test, my 16 gb ddr4 ram seems to work fine

- I have the latest drivers, installed properly

- My gpu aint overheating, never seen it higher then 65°


Problem is that i cant "test" the error, since it's so random, i can play days (6/8h a day) without having any problems. and other days i get it 1-2 times during gaming. When i reset the pc, it always says my account is still logged in, so i have to start the client twice to get back in again.

Anyone have any idea? or had this problem before?


My specs:

- Windows 7 64 bit

- i5 6600k cpu (not overclocked, standard 3.5 ghz)

- Radeon r9 280 gpu

- z170 pro gaming motherboard

- 16gb ram ddr4

- got bns installed on a ssd

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