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Which is the ideal order to upgrade items?


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Hi guys, I've been playing bns for a week right now and I'm at lvl 50 but with some problems. i've been wondering which item should I upgrade because the stats of the weapons seems to be confusing. This is why
at the moment I have the Oathbreaker weapon maxed and all the infernal accesories maxed (Just ring, necklace and earring)
When I try to upgrade for example my ring,  it requires:
-5 Moonwater Transformation Stones
-50 Soulstones

-5 Naryu silver

-13 Gold

and stats go from:
Critical 345 to 479
Evasion 246 to 342
attk power 6 to 6 (remains the same)

Crit.Damage 220 to 306


Now, if I try to upgrade my weapon, it will require:
-11 Moonwater Transformation Stones (twice as much)

-180 Soulstones (more than 3 times the requirements for the ring)
-15 Silverfrost Mountain Diew

-31 gold 

Stats will go from:
Critical  158 to 138

Piercing 66 to 60

Attk power 273 to 265


I know that then, with the stages, the weapon will get better, but so does the ring!  

Am I missing something here (a part from the appearence of the weapon) or it's like that? If this is the case, then it is much better to upgrade all the 3 accesories that the weapon, because for the cost of the weapon, I almost can upgrade all the accesories and get 3 times the bonus written before


Thanks for reading and I hope to see some positive answers!

Cheers!! ^_^

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Early stage tends to be weaker than maxed stage of previous evolution, so be sure to have some mats to upgrade your weapon before doing so.

At this point, I'd suggest upgrade your accessories first, and/or switch some accessorise for non-upgradeable one for a while.


Maybe you can check on http://bnscoffee.com it might gives you some tips on upgrading.

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The exp rewards for campaign will increase a lot from tomorrow, so we will see many people with high level / low gear in the future.


Generally, you can upgrade your weapon cheaply up to True Profane or Oathbreaker, and accessories cheaply to Awakened Siren.


After that, it makes sense to use high level drop accessories (Breeze, Asura, Visasa etc) which are easy to get, and only focus on one accessory at a time to bring it to a higher level than what the cheap drop versions supply.

For PvE, ring and bracelet might be good starting points. You can get them to Awakened Oathbreaker while you evolve your weapon to True Oathbreaker.


After that, everything will be expensive so be sure to max out other things (Soulshield, pet, gems) before continuing. ^_^

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