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Lost crafting/Crafting stuck???


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So, I was feeling like I had lost some items or time or something. Me and another player are working together to make "Silverfrost Transformation Stones". He donates parts of the materials and I contribute with my guild rating and some mats as well. So, we were doing two batches of the stones and I'm busy irl so I can't always pick them up on time and order more, etc etc. So I log off and on and play and get dallies just like most people do. Then, at some point I realized something was wrong. Idk when the happened or if it's a bug or what....or if maintenence messed up something but one of my orders is like..stuck? It says it's in progress but it's not in my queue or anything. It's just sitting there like some ghost. Idk what to do. 


You can see here, in my orders in progress it shows the transformation stones...but they are not available.


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