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pve support


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advance, my english is not so good ^^


i need a build for a support sf just for pve.

skill only or almost of distance. i dont know, if it works at all to go only on distance and support.


perhaps somebody has tested it, and can give me tips for the skillung and the gameplay :)


please no disscusion whether it is useful or not. thanks


and sorry for my google translator english XD

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as Pestiferius said. There isn't a Ranged only option. It's a hybrid. If you want ranged go FM or Summ, if you want melee choose from one of the pure melee classes. You're going to have to be able to switch seamlessly from melee to ranged and back again to be proficient. Your damage output is going to mainly come from your KFM stance. I'd say 75% melee, and 25% ranged, switching to ranged to either avoid big aoes, or do aoe down mobs. And SF isn't really a support build. You have a party heal, and that's it, which is accessible from both ranged and melee. But your biggest damage dealers are going to come from Kingfist and Dragonfist. So, you're going to have to do both. Otherwise, you're just a hinderance to your team.

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hi guys,

thanks for your answer. i have allready a summoner, but i want a class, who ist good in teamplay with blademaster.

no summoner, a second summoner is not my choice ^^


in all games i´ve played, i was a cleric/supporter. i know summoner is allready a suporter, but dont want this class a second time.


so which class can help/support a blademaster? which class is perfectly for theamplay in pve/ini with this class as ingame partner?


and which class is a perfectly tank?



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BM and KFM are the tanks.

There is no real support class like in other games. Everyone should dps (with some having more or less dps, and/or more or less utility buffs).


Not sure what you mean by 'ini'.

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I'm not sure what would be perfect, as a BM myself, i'm not really looking for anything.
Maybe some AoEs for clearing packs of mobs quickly, as they tend to try to get behind me lol. But that was when I was not overgeared. 
It seems you'd rather play ranged dps or support, since support do not exist and the closest is Summoner. I'd say you can try FM or WL, they both have AoEs, FM can bring out more survivability skills than WL, while WL have that Soulburn buff. 

FM's Frost Sheath coupled with BM's Winged Protector allows you to survive a lot of stuff. Also FM has that Divine Veil (not sure that it's the right name) to protect from projectiles, which is way easier to use than BM's Protective Spirit (requires soulblades stance on a 60s CD). 

WL got that soulburn buff, offering great dps boost, including a CD reset. Almost no defense skill, except Sanctum.

The 'big' cons of having WLs is the visual effect of their skills, I barely can't see anything with all those helixes gotta ctrl + F lol.


CD reset is pretty good for BM and all classes relying on burst with 'long cds', as it resets Lightning Draw. So if you got, 2 WLs + 1 KFM / AS, you can go with Time Distorsion + Soulburn + Fighting's Spirit, and bosses will just melt at an insane speed (Both Gen and Ken killed before 4th stack with everyone on same side).

Overall, I prefer playing WL than FM. 

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Yeah WL is a good choice. Though Soulburn has pretty long cooldown its the strongest support  buff. And with soulshackels (24sec cd) root effect wich works on almost every boss ( cant turn/move 9 sec = helps melees a lot ) + upcoming unlocked HM sanctum (T4S1, 36sec cd ,place circle that heals 25% hp over 10sec while taking 20% less dmg) .

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