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Combat Lag

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I'm running a new Digital Storm Apollo desktop with only Blade & Soul and browsers installed as of yet.

The machine is an Asus motherboard, I7 quad core processor, 16GB ram, NVidia 970GTX graphics card.
OS is Windows 10.
The game is installed on a SSD.

The Problem
During combat, and only during combat, the game will hesitate as if the client isn't talking to the server. Passive animations continue, but combat animations stop then all play out at once a few seconds later. Pauses can last from a fraction of a second to several seconds. There seems to be no correlation between the amount of activity on the screen and the pauses; I can be fighting one mob by myself and have them and I can be fighting on SSP with a legion and have no more trouble than I did against the one.

My frame rate remains in the 80's without hitch.
My ping is usually below 100MS. 
The problem ONLY manifests in combat, not while running, gliding, or during intense graphic displays outside combat.
The problem does not manifest in other games.
The Asus GameFirstService is nowhere to be found.

This problem doesn't make the game unplayable but does interfere with my performance. I have done a number of things to optimize my processor load including undocking cores, splitting the load between the client and the GameGuard service, and setting the client priority to high.

What it comes down to is that I'm not seeing a situation that appears to be based on link quality, processor load, or caching. The best conjecture I can come up with is that there's some kind of sych problem between the client and server during combat. I'd love to see this resolved, but every thread I'm reading talks about processor load or simple lag issues, neither of which plague my setup at all.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you try to play with setting in game? maybe something is affecting that? check if u running any software that could affect the game, even firewalls.
With your pc game should run without problem. i have  6700k and 770gtx and game runs smoothly without any fps drop.

Check as well all option on cpu ssd. Try reinstall game to different disk.  As from experience of another games, such problems was causing only ad-dons in game like wow an example. but i believe bns doesn't have any addons.

This problem looks really weird.

Hope you gonna fix that.

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Came across this video and the gaming vpn helped me a lot too. I think this can be of great value for others. Sorry I don't have much knowledge of their working but All I know if that it made my game smooth as ever!

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